Chapter 3. User Interface

Table of Contents

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Start Wireshark
3.3. The Main window
3.3.1. Main Window Navigation
3.4. The Menu
3.5. The “File” Menu
3.6. The “Edit” Menu
3.7. The “View” Menu
3.8. The “Go” Menu
3.9. The “Capture” Menu
3.10. The “Analyze” Menu
3.11. The “Statistics” Menu
3.12. The “Telephony” Menu
3.13. The “Wireless” Menu
3.14. The “Tools” Menu
3.15. The “Help” Menu
3.16. The “Main” Toolbar
3.17. The “Filter” Toolbar
3.18. The “Packet List” Pane
3.19. The “Packet Details” Pane
3.20. The “Packet Bytes” Pane
3.21. The Statusbar

3.1. Introduction

By now you have installed Wireshark and are likely keen to get started capturing your first packets. In the next chapters we will explore:

  • How the Wireshark user interface works
  • How to capture packets in Wireshark
  • How to view packets in Wireshark
  • How to filter packets in Wireshark
  • …​ and many other things!