Appendix D. Related command line tools

Table of Contents

D.1. Introduction
D.2. tshark: Terminal-based Wireshark
D.3. tcpdump: Capturing with “tcpdump” for viewing with Wireshark
D.4. dumpcap: Capturing with “dumpcap” for viewing with Wireshark
D.5. capinfos: Print information about capture files
D.6. rawshark: Dump and analyze network traffic.
D.7. editcap: Edit capture files
D.8. mergecap: Merging multiple capture files into one
D.9. text2pcap: Converting ASCII hexdumps to network captures
D.10. reordercap: Reorder a capture file

D.1. Introduction

Wireshark comes with an array of command line tools which can be helpful for packet analysis. Some of these tools are described in this chapter. You can find more information about all of Wireshark’s command line tools on the web site.