3.21. The Statusbar

The statusbar displays informational messages.

In general, the left side will show context related information, the middle part will show information about the current capture file, and the right side will show the selected configuration profile. Drag the handles between the text areas to change the size.

Figure 3.20. The initial Statusbar

ws statusbar empty

This statusbar is shown while no capture file is loaded, e.g. when Wireshark is started.

Figure 3.21. The Statusbar with a loaded capture file

ws statusbar loaded

Figure 3.22. The Statusbar with a configuration profile menu

ws statusbar profile

For a detailed description of configuration profiles, see Section 11.6, “Configuration Profiles”.

Figure 3.23. The Statusbar with a selected protocol field

ws statusbar selected

This is displayed if you have selected a protocol field from the “Packet Details” pane.


The value between the parentheses (in this example “ipv6.src”) can be used as a display filter, representing the selected protocol field.

Figure 3.24. The Statusbar with a display filter message

ws statusbar filter

This is displayed if you are trying to use a display filter which may have unexpected results. For a detailed description, see Section 6.4.7, “A Common Mistake with !=”.