8.7. Packet Lengths

Shows the distribution of packet lengths and related information.

Figure 8.6. The “Packet Lengths” window

ws stats packet lengths

Information is broken down by packet length ranges as shown above.

Packet Lengths

The range of packet lengths.

Ranges can be configured in the “Statistics → Stats Tree” section of the Preferences Dialog.

The number of packets that fall into this range.
The arithmetic mean length of the packets in this range.
Min Val, Max Val
The minimum and maximum lengths in this range.
Rate (ms)
The average packets per millisecond for the packets in this range.
The percentage of packets in this range, by count.
Burst Rate

Packet bursts are detected by counting the number of packets in a given time interval and comparing that count to the intervals across a window of time. Statistics for the interval with the maximum number of packets are shown. By default, bursts are detected across 5 millisecond intervals and intervals are compared across 100 millisecond windows.

These calculations can be adjusted in the “Statistics” section of the Preferences Dialog.

Burst Start
The start time, in seconds from the beginning of the capture, for the interval with the maximum number of packets.

You can show statistics for a portion of the capture by entering a display filter into the Display filter entry and pressing Apply.

Copy copies the statistics to the clipboard. Save as…​ lets you save the data as text, CSV, YAML, or XML.