12.6. MATE’s configuration library

The MATE library (will) contains GoP definitions for several protocols. Library protocols are included in your MATE config using: _Action=Include; Lib=proto_name;_.

For Every protocol with a library entry, we’ll find defined what from the PDU is needed to create a GoP for that protocol, eventually any criteria and the very essential GoP definition (i.e. GopDef, GopStart and GopStop).


It seems that this code is written in the old syntax of MATE. So far it has not been transcribed into the new format. It may still form the basis to recreate these in the new format.

12.6.1. General use protocols TCP

It will create a GoP for every TCP session, If it is used it should be the last one in the list. And every other proto on top of TCP should be declared with Stop=TRUE; so the a TCP PDU is not created where we got already one going on.

   Action=PduDef; Name=tcp_pdu; Proto=tcp; Transport=ip; addr=ip.addr; port=tcp.port; tcp_start=tcp.flags.syn; tcp_stop=tcp.flags.fin; tcp_stop=tcp.flags.reset;
   Action=GopDef; Name=tcp_session; On=tcp_pdu; addr; addr; port; port;
   Action=GopStart; For=tcp_session; tcp_start=1;
   Action=GopStop; For=tcp_session; tcp_stop=1; DNS

will create a GoP containing every request and it’s response (eventually retransmissions too).

Action=PduDef; Name=dns_pdu; Proto=dns; Transport=udp/ip; addr=ip.addr; port=udp.port; dns_id=dns.id; dns_rsp=dns.flags.response;

Action=GopDef; Name=dns_req; On=dns_pdu; addr; addr; port!53; dns_id;
Action=GopStart; For=dns_req; dns_rsp=0;
Action=GopStop; For=dns_req; dns_rsp=1; RADIUS

A Gop for every transaction.

Action=PduDef; Name=radius_pdu; Proto=radius; Transport=udp/ip; addr=ip.addr; port=udp.port; radius_id=radius.id; radius_code=radius.code;

Action=GopDef; Name=radius_req; On=radius_pdu; radius_id; addr; addr; port; port;
Action=GopStart; For=radius_req; radius_code|1|4|7;
Action=GopStop; For=radius_req; radius_code|2|3|5|8|9; RTSP

Action=PduDef; Name=rtsp_pdu; Proto=rtsp; Transport=tcp/ip; addr=ip.addr; port=tcp.port; rtsp_method=rtsp.method;
Action=PduExtra; For=rtsp_pdu; rtsp_ses=rtsp.session; rtsp_url=rtsp.url;

Action=GopDef; Name=rtsp_ses; On=rtsp_pdu; addr; addr; port; port;
Action=GopStart; For=rtsp_ses; rtsp_method=DESCRIBE;
Action=GopStop; For=rtsp_ses; rtsp_method=TEARDOWN;
Action=GopExtra; For=rtsp_ses; rtsp_ses; rtsp_url;

12.6.2. VoIP/Telephony

Most protocol definitions here will create one Gop for every Call Leg unless stated. ISUP

Action=PduDef; Name=isup_pdu; Proto=isup; Transport=mtp3; mtp3pc=mtp3.dpc; mtp3pc=mtp3.opc; cic=isup.cic; isup_msg=isup.message_type;

Action=GopDef; Name=isup_leg; On=isup_pdu; ShowPduTree=TRUE; mtp3pc; mtp3pc; cic;
Action=GopStart; For=isup_leg; isup_msg=1;
Action=GopStop; For=isup_leg; isup_msg=16; Q931

Action=PduDef; Name=q931_pdu; Proto=q931; Stop=TRUE; Transport=tcp/ip; addr=ip.addr; call_ref=q931.call_ref; q931_msg=q931.message_type;

Action=GopDef; Name=q931_leg; On=q931_pdu; addr; addr; call_ref;
Action=GopStart; For=q931_leg; q931_msg=5;
Action=GopStop; For=q931_leg; q931_msg=90; H225 RAS

Action=PduDef; Name=ras_pdu; Proto=h225.RasMessage; Transport=udp/ip; addr=ip.addr; ras_sn=h225.RequestSeqNum; ras_msg=h225.RasMessage;
Action=PduExtra; For=ras_pdu; guid=h225.guid;

Action=GopDef; Name=ras_leg; On=ras_pdu; addr; addr; ras_sn;
Action=GopStart; For=ras_leg; ras_msg|0|3|6|9|12|15|18|21|26|30;
Action=GopStop; For=ras_leg; ras_msg|1|2|4|5|7|8|10|11|13|14|16|17|19|20|22|24|27|28|29|31;
Action=GopExtra; For=ras_leg; guid; SIP

Action=PduDef; Proto=sip_pdu; Transport=tcp/ip; addr=ip.addr; port=tcp.port; sip_method=sip.Method; sip_callid=sip.Call-ID; calling=sdp.owner.username;

Action=GopDef; Name=sip_leg; On=sip_pdu; addr; addr; port; port;
Action=GopStart; For=sip; sip_method=INVITE;
Action=GopStop; For=sip; sip_method=BYE; MEGACO

Will create a Gop out of every transaction.

To "tie" them to your call’s GoG use: Action=GogKey; Name=your_call; On=mgc_tr; addr!mgc_addr; megaco_ctx;

Action=PduDef; Name=mgc_pdu; Proto=megaco; Transport=ip; addr=ip.addr; megaco_ctx=megaco.context; megaco_trx=megaco.transid; megaco_msg=megaco.transaction; term=megaco.termid;

Action=GopDef; Name=mgc_tr; On=mgc_pdu; addr; addr; megaco_trx;
Action=GopStart; For=mgc_tr; megaco_msg|Request|Notify;
Action=GopStop; For=mgc_tr; megaco_msg=Reply;
Action=GopExtra; For=mgc_tr; term^DS1; megaco_ctx!Choose one;