5.6. File Sets

When using the “Multiple Files” option while doing a capture (see: Section 4.8, “Capture files and file modes”), the capture data is spread over several capture files, called a file set.

As it can become tedious to work with a file set by hand, Wireshark provides some features to handle these file sets in a convenient way.

The following features in the FileFile Set submenu are available to work with file sets in a convenient way:

5.6.1. The “List Files” Dialog Box

Figure 5.9. The “List Files” dialog box

ws file set dialog

Each line contains information about a file of the file set:

The name of the file. If you click on the filename (or the radio button left to it), the current file will be closed and the corresponding capture file will be opened.
The creation time of the file.
Last Modified
The last time the file was modified.
The size of the file.

The last line will contain info about the currently used directory where all of the files in the file set can be found.

The content of this dialog box is updated each time a capture file is opened/closed.

The Close button will, well, close the dialog box.