8.9. Service Response Time

The service response time is the time between a request and the corresponding response. This information is available for many protocols.

Service response time statistics are currently available for the following protocols:

As an example, the DCE-RPC service response time is described in more detail.


The other Service Response Time windows will work the same way (or only slightly different) compared to the following description.

8.9.1. The “Service Response Time DCE-RPC” Window

The service response time of DCE-RPC is the time between the request and the corresponding response.

First, you have to select the DCE-RPC interface:

Figure 8.7. The “Compute DCE-RPC statistics” window

ws stats srt dcerpc filter

You can optionally set a display filter to reduce the number of packets.

Figure 8.8. The “DCE-RPC Statistic for …​” window

ws stats srt dcerpc

Each row corresponds to a method of the interface selected (so the EPM interface in version 3 has 7 methods). For each method the number of calls, and the statistics of the SRT time is calculated.